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From Celebrities in the Nike Air Yeezys to the officially released colourways, their release dates, history and properties of the Yeezys, stores on the internet stocking the Yeezys (this includes Europe, Asia and America), exclusive news and even some never seen Yeezys like the Tinker Hatfield edition. (Bet you never knew about them)

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Air Yeezy is a brand of sneakers/trainers produced by Nike which were designed for and endorsed by the rapper Kanye West.

The Air Yeezy sneakers were developed from a strong relationship between West and Nike. Partnering with Nike Creative Director, Mark Smith, Kanye was taken through the product creation process, the same way athletes have with Nike Design for the past 37 years. This creative partnership of Smith and West’s talents as designers yielded a unique Nike Sportswear sneaker worth the wait or was it?

You probably have seen him in them

The Nike Air Yeezy is inspired by Kanye’s love for high top designer shoes.

Kanye like Beckham is a fashion Icon... c'mon, Kanye was named the best dressed rapper by complex magazine and there isn't a ''best dressed this or that countdown'' that Becks probably isn't on. Mr. Becks and Mr. West ..... ''amazing''.

An almost obsessive focus was put on delivering supreme comfort throughout the development of the shoe.
  • Debossed ankle collar pods for added support and protection,
  • Extra-thick sock liners, a forefoot support strap, original functional tension lace loops.
  • Phylon tooling taken from the 1987 Nike Air Assault for added performance and comfort.
  • Remastered Nike Air Assault outsole treated to glow-in-the-dark properties hence illuminates in low light.
  • Forefoot support strap is premium grade patent leather and is of no-stitch construction.
  • Clean seams are used throughout except for a premium suede toe wrap feature with visible stitch detail.
  • Emblazoned across the Air Yeezy is an exclusive “Y” repeat pattern, as either a debossed or lasered detail,inspired by the Jordan brands iconic elephant print material.
The goal was to keep Mr. West in cushioned enough comfort while performing cause what some fans don't realise is that live performances are notoriously strenuous. Imagine miss Alicia Keys or Beyoncé constantly dancing in heels on stage.

(above)The Nike Design Team Tinker Hatfield & Mark Smith at the Nike Spirit Room in Berlin for a special VIP breakfast with Q&A

This graphic treatment was developed by Mr. West and Nike Creative Director, Mark Smith to pay tribute not only to the name of the shoe and it’s co-creator, but also to the various moments in history that spurred West’s initial inspiration for the Nike Air Yeezy.

You wanna see what some fans have rumoured to be the design inspiration for the Air Yeezys well ''apparently'' this is it. Notice Jordans have a say aswell

But if you speak to Kanye himself and he tells you otherwise please let me know.

Lets look at the History

Michael Jordan collaborated with Nike and dropped some of the hottest Jordan trainers and sneakers to lace your basket ball game or dresscode swagger with. I remember when I was the first person to get Jordan 18's, I couldn't wait to go to school and be just late enough for everyone to be seated and then swagger in with these bright white and royal blue Jordan sneakers on my feet.

This collaboration with the greatest basketball player of all time created not just a new brand or movement but also 20+ year legacy.

From Nike Air Jordans to the Jordan XX2.

Trust me my kids will want Jordan sneakers and proabaly so will yours too.

However, lets not Forget Le bron ''The King'' James has his own sneaker & kicks collaboration well he is pretty much the next Michael Jordan.

But, Nike decided for the first time to team up with a non-athlete.

Althought Mr. West isn't the first Entertainer he is the first non-athlete with Nike

That in itself is History.
  • Run DMC did sneakers with Adidas yep those hot Adidias Shell toes
  • 50 Cent with Reebok for the G-Unit Trainers
  • Jay-Z got with Reebok and dropped the S.Carter sneakers
And for those of you who don't know Jigga has a new line of shoes coming out next month (June 2009)Yep and you guessed it Hi Top Sneakers called R+ a.k.a the R+evolution

These sneaker are Courtesy of Sean Corey Carter and Rocawear as far as I know,but they look nice.

However, the truth of the matter is that these other collaborations did have some level of ''hype'' about them but not as much hype and anticipation as when Chi towns' finest ; Kanye West combined with Nike to give us the Nike Air Yeezy's.

Yep these are some very rare kicks with exclusive colourways and a limited number made.
This explains the craze in which people have been campling outside the stores carrying these Air Yeezys like they were Tickets to meet Kanye himself.

Did you hear about Pink and BLack Yeezy Sneakers debut?

Well when the second colorway was released across the US,at Standard in Atlanta, Georgia, treated people who had waited/camped in line upwards of 5 days to a “breakfast of champions” and an even nicer “dessert” when Standard eventually opened it’s doors.

This is definitely one of the more creative ways to thank the customers who waited so long in line for a pair of shoes courtesy of standard .But mennnnn 5days!!! that is hardcore and thats not even the most outrageous story.

Well they are worth it though as they do make you part of his fashion trends and history making moves.But they aint gonna set you up on a meet with Kanye.

These are the Official Colour Ways Released and to be Released to us mere memebers of the public. For Kanye's crew e.g Jigga, Memphis Bleek and even Amber Rose don't be surprised if they are rocking some colourways you couldn't even imagine.

Already Tinker Hatfield has his own edition.(I bet you don't know who Tinker is well you can see the dude below rocking his Yeezys')

Nike Air Yezzys and Release Dates
Released April 4th, 2009 - Zen and Grey Nike Air Yeezy

Released May 2nd, 2009 - Black & Pink Nike Air Yeezy

Due For Release on June 6, 2009 - Tan Brown with Soft Pink details Nike Air Yeezy

A.K.A the NET/NET Nike Air Yeezy

However there have been some Unreleased but seen Colourways

Like seen on Kanye the All Black Nike Air Yeezys

Like seen on Kanye the Navy Blue and Orange Nike Air Yeezys

The Black, Grey & Fire Red Colorway
Nike Air Yeezy

The first Yeezys came out in April, the next one was in May and the last one in June and we thought that was it.

However, another colorway has turned up at an official Nike event in Taipei its black, grey and fire red.
It looks very Air Jordan like/''Jordany'' with a rather subtle upper half but a fire red setting the right accents on the sole. Unlike previous Yeezys this one has a clean patent strap and actually some people might prefer it over the structured ones that are on the current Air Yeezy’s. I aint sure if this colorway will actually release, but I will definitely keep you posted.

Nike Air Yeezy The Tinker Edition
(I think these are the sickest)

Whose Tinker you ask?

Well Tinker Hatfield is the renowned designer responsible for Nike's most popular and innovative shoe designs, for instance the Jordan III, the Air Jordan XV, the twentieth anniversary Air Jordan XX, and other athletic sneakers including the Nike Air trainers & sneakers.

Hatfield oversees Nike's "Innovation Kitchen" and according to rumours he is largely responsible for the Nike Air Yeezy. The center piece of the shoes are the symbols on the strap which tells a story on Tinker Hatfield’s career.

Dude is an athlete formally trained in architecture. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Architecture, and he has also published for the architectural design of his Portland ,Oregon home.

It appears that Mr. Hatfield realized that his skills could also be applied to athletic shoes.
(For those of you who watch PrisonBreak imagine Schofield desinging shoes LOL) He claims to have designed the cross-trainer as a "multi-sport" shoe when he realized people at his Oregon gym brought various sneakers with them for diverse activities such as basketball, aerobics, weightlifting and jogging.

Did you think I was just gonna leave you without allowing you to Buy the Nike Air Yeezys.... course NOT!!

Stores Where You can Get The Nike Air Yeezys

This is a list of stores stocked with the previous Releases and Likely to hold the June Release of the Nike Air Yeezy Sneakers.

This list has now been updated visit the link on the left Navigation Menu t titled ''NIKE AIR YEEZY STORES'' for the updated list and bookmark this page to know instantly when a new store is added
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Nike Town London

Some Euro Websites such as:

Los Angeles:

NSW at The Montalban
Nike Sportswear at The Montalban 1615 Vine StreetLos Angeles, CA 90028, (323-461-0663)

New York:
NSW 21 Mercer Street
House of Hoops Harlem

Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer Street New York, NY 10013, (212-226-5433)

Cleveland & Philadelphia

Prices of the Nike Air Yeezy

One London store was selling them for about £140
(I figure Nike Town London won't be that far off)
In America they are $215
In Europe stores like in Switzerland they are around €225


Before you start thanking me I'm happy to be of service however, it is very likely all of these stores are sold out and for the next release in June you will need to have started camping outside at the very very latest the day (not just the Night) before.

I'm working on a list containing all the locations and possible new locations/stores for the new realease,maybe I should sell it because if you've got a cousin near just even one of these stores and is willing to camp outside you will definitely make a pretty profit.(UPDATE the list is now available at Nike AirYeezy Stores online for the stores closest to you )

Sorry guys I really ,really, really did try to make it possible for you to get all the colourways as they came out without having to go que for days but it just wasn't possible so I decided to give you the next best alternative I possibly could like I said this is all for you, by one of you, to be enjoyed by you the True Yeezy Fans

Alernatively if you can't afford the high price  or you can't afford the extortionate prices on ebay for the Yeezys or can't afford to camp five days before because your life just doesnt allow it.

Fear not You can still buy the Nike Air Yeezys Online  I have some Yeezys available  at my Nike Air Yeezys Store now these are factory variants which is the reason why they are priced at just simply £80 including shipping. They are of excellent quality and each one  of the Yeezy Sneakers is litterally out of the box brand new.

It's a cheaper and excellent alternative in terms of time and money expense if you cannot afford camping for days or the £150/ $215price tag. Otherwise go to the stores above before they are sold out either way buy yourself some Yeezys and look fresh in them.