The List of Stores With the Nike Air Yeezy

Want to Know More on Where You Can Find & Buy The Nike Air Yeezys Online and in Stores?

I've been overwhelmed with more e-mails from people asking me to please compile a complete list of all the stores
that stocked the previous releases (i.e the Zen Grey Yeezys & the Black and Pink Nike Air Yeezys ) and were likely to hold the June Release (Tan Brown with Pink details) of the Nike Air Yeezy Sneakers.

This is because due to the exclusivity with which Mr. West has used to release the Nike Air Yeezys,you can only buy the Yeezys in a few select stores.

Therefore for fans and sneakerheads the option of buying the Nike Air Yeezys online is a desirable solution .

However, this is
the first list of stores with the Air Yeezy Sneakers which I discovered. You could have bought the previous Yeezy Releses in these stores, so I do hope you still find this list useful as I know I and many other Nike Air Yeezy Fans did.

I suppose people actually do appreciate the effort I had put into searching and compiling the list since that gives them an advantage over other Yeezy fans and saves them having to buy the Air Yeezys on Ebay for $900 or £500 when they cost $215 and £140 in the stores and online respectively.

Not to mention it saves you having to do the search yourself becaue that was oh so LONG.

So without any further ado below is the list of stores for sale that stocked the previous releases and likely to hold the June Release of the Nike Air Yeezy Tan Brown Sneakers. Therefore you can Buy the Nike Air Yeezys online here.
This list includes European Aisan and American stores in London,Berlin, Tokyo New York,Atlanta and many more for you to buy the Nike Air Yeezys from.

I can comforatbly say that the London stores are definitely  had the June release in 2009 only problem is you couldn't  reserve them over the phone.

However, if you lived near any of these stores you could make some money infact with ebay you could make over 100% profit imagine buying the Yeezys for $215 and then selling for $600.

Below are the Stores and shops online and in your city where (offline) where you could buy the Nike Air Yeezys alternatively you could also check out the Nike Air Yeezys Store

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New York: NSW 21 Mercer Street House of Hoops Harlem WEST DQM A.R.C. Goliath Harlem

Michael K. Premium Goods Brooklyn

Philadelphia: UBIQ VILLA

Baltimore: Shop Gentei

Washington D.C.: MAJOR Commonwealth D.C.

Atlanta: Wish

Chicago: Saint Alfred House of Hoops Chicago

Austin: Motive 807

Houston: Premium Goods Houston

Las Vegas: UNDFTD

Los Angeles: NSW at The Montalban Blends Sportie LA UNDFTD Proper House of Hoops Beverly Center

San Francisco: Darkside Initiative | TRUE SF | HUF

Seattle: GOODS

Portland: Just Be

Honolulu: KICKS/HI (Makaloa)
Saskatoon: Momentum

Toronto: Livestock

Vancouver: Livestock DIPT
Tokyo: mita sneakers Nitraid Yamaotoko Hectic UNDFTD

Hong Kong: Juice Exit

Singapore: Nike Flagship Store

1948 Arches
477 – 478 Batemans Row ,Shoreditch,
London, EC2A

Size ? London
17 Neal Street,
Covent Gardens London,

(Tel: 020 7240 1736)
Size (Birmingham and London)

Nike Town London

236 Oxford St
London, W1C
020 7612 0800
Nike Town London

Stockholm: sneakerNstuff

Berlin: NORT

Cologne: The Good Will Out

Oslo: Sole Service

Niketown (Each with a very limited number of pairs)

Soo no more questions like ''where can I buy the Nike Air Yeezys online?'' or ''does anyone know where you can buy the Nike Air Yeezys in my city?'' because its all here for you folks so scroll through the online stores and buy your Yeezys or buy them directly on this site

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