Celebrities in The Nike Air Yeezys

Remember when I was talking about how Kanye's peeps might be rocking the Yeezys before us or as well as the rest of us ?

Well if you thought said so (or thought so) too you were right.

From Common to Jigga, the Yeezys are been rocked by celebrities.

This is definitely the high top look for the 09 summer.

However, we haven't seen any ladies in the Yeezys yet I wonder why tho.

Celebrities Spotted in the Zen and Grey Nike Air Yeezys.

Here we have Common seen rocking the first Zen and Grey Colourway of the Nike Air Yeezys

Bun B also spotted rocking the Air Yeezys, Pimpin aint dead

Soulja Boy Rocking the Zen and Grey Yeezys at the 2009 Mtv Movie Awards

As Frank Lucas says ''Ma Man'',here we have Mr. Sean Carter aka Jay-z introducing the London streets to the Zen and Grey Nike air Yeezys.

And Finally the King of the South,Mr T.I. or possibly his alter ego T.I.P rocking the Yeezys what you know about that.

Celebrities Spotted in the Black and Pink Nike Air Yeezys.

Well obviously Kanye will be seen in them tho compared to the pic below this one is normal.

Wale rocking the Black and pink Nike Air Yeezys in concert

Surrounded by the ''Tell em'' body guards, Mr. Soulja boy in the second Yeezys colourway.

Kid Cudi and Big sean also spotted in the Black and Pink Yeezys.

Now this dress code is rather mad and its possibly one I shall be trying out soon, Mr. West and Ferrari Murakami in the Black and Pink Yeezys.

Again Ferrari rocking the Yeezys

Fabolous also spotted rocking the Yeezys

Drizzy Drake Rogers wearing the Yeezys in concert

Bun B also got himself the second colourway of the Yeezys and here him and Drizzy seem to concur on the humour value

Ofcourse John Legend will be seen in the second colourway of the Yeezys and here he is with a sick dresscode to go with the Yeezys

Hip-Hop Mogul Diddy was rocking the Black and Pink Nike Air Yeezys back to back first at
the Opening Night For “The Rock N Roll Of Hip Hop” Photo Exhibit.

And then again at the Ciroc 2009 BET Party,Sean Diddy Combs rocked his Black and pink Nike Air Yeezys .

Still no shawtys(ladies) in the Yeezys, but if anyone has got a few pics of the ladies rocking the Yeezys rights dont hesittae to send em in you'll be duly credited and all.

Oh by the way I've got this sick Yeezy commercial to show you guys.It was totally fan made which & it is oh so crazy.

You'll most likely see it when next you drop by to check out the Yeezys, till then laters people.

Update!!! courtesy of Antoine I've got our first shawty in the Yeezys and who other than  Miss Amber Rose


  1. http://nicekicks.com/files/2009/10/amber-yeezy1.jpg

  2. http://nicekicks.com/files/2009/10/amber-yeezy1.jpg