Origami Air Yeezys & more by the Genius Filippo Perin aka PHIL

Origami Air Yeezys & More by Filippo Perin

I know it should seem like the Hype on the Yeezys should now be fading to black,especially if you didn't get any of the colourways. I'm guessing you're probably not very happy that your neighbour did, your cousin did and that kid that thinks he's too cool also got himself a pair of Yeezys.

Well if its any consolation neither did I.However, someone whose got all three Yeezys colouways is a guy called Filippo Perin aka PHIL.

You know how Michael Schofield in Prison Break always had those cool Origami creations and there'd be some cool background music to go with the moment? Well I think Filippo definitely takes the cake and speaking of cake did you know Kanye had a Zen Grey air Yeezy cake for his 32nd birthday.

Anyways back to the Origami Yeezys as I was saying these are definitely an expression of true talent. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words well theses ones are worth a million words of genius and creativity.

Origami Nike Air Yeezy Colourways by Filippo Perin aka PHIL

Origami Nike Air Yeezy Zen and Grey Colourway

Origami Nike Air Yeezy Black and Pink Colourway

Origami Nike Air Yeezy Tan Brown aka Net Net Colourway

More of PHILS creative prowess is illustrated with these Origami Nike sneakers and Paper Men figures.

Yep Mr. Filippo Perin aka Phil truly is amazing and for this we commend you on your awesomeness check out more stuff from Phil at this gallery

or hola at him on his myspace

For any fans who have anything Yeezy and would like to share or would like it to be included on this site just contact me and i'll put it up provided its not malicious or offensive in anyway.

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