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Hello to all my visitors new and old I'm very glad you all like this site.

It took a lot of work to get it to to look like this and still  I'm finding new ways to improve it daily for you guys cos without you there's no this.

I've got an application here for Everyone

As at the month of June 2010 new things have been added which all facilitate Comunication amongst youselves and with me.

  • Customer/Site Reviews
        You the visitors can now write reviews of the site or as customers when you buy the Yeezys.

  • Nike Air Yeezy Forum
        The introduction of the Nike Air Yeezy Forum is probably the most exciting addition.

  • Message Me Old and New
      There is now a contact Me Form as well as the traditional contact me link which brings up outlook            express (to be honest most of you guys and I myself prefer the contact form as its cooler)

  • Chat Room
      If you guys would rather talk amongst yourselves and leave me out of it well theres now a chat room function for that.

  • Suggestion Box
     Another adition is the ability for you guys to tell/suggest things information or products you will like to see  and this helps me provide the best possible service I could give everyone.

  • New Things Coming Soon
  1. An MTV segment where you can stay up to date with News Music and more from the Music World.
  2.  Games Room - Yep someone suggested a Games Room just to have something to do so I said I'd ask you all and get some feedback Games I'm looking at are Mega man X and even Dragon BallZ

These are just a few teasers there will be a few more things which will be implemented so stay tuned and guys remeber to share this site on facebook and with everyoneelse.

Like I said this is for the fans to the fans by one of you.